New constructions

Alcaidesa Golf & Beach

Fans of golf are going to find what they are looking for in the Golf & Beach Resort: it is all about a very special residential development located next to the area’s golf courses. Magnificently finished throughout the construction, both inside the houses and the shared spaces outside, with green spaces and open-air swimming pools, it is all just a few minutes from the beach.

It is an enclosed area in a very quiet place. Just fifteen minutes from Gibraltar and there are marvellous views from the terrace of the whole region.

Nueva Alcaidesa

A new housing promotion with spacious houses and marvellous views: at your feet: the Mediterranean; opposite: the coast of Africa; all around you: the protected reserve of Guadalquitón. Offering fantastic value for money, Nueva Alcaidesa has attractive designs with a Mediterranean flavour, with gardens, a swimming pool, dressing rooms, and spacious terraces.

The style of the whole complex breathes magnificent qualities, both the exterior areas of the housing complex as well as inside the homes.

Marina de la Alcaidesa

All the Mediterranean light and beautiful natural surroundings, spectacular sea views and gorgeous areas make the Marina de la Alcaidesa a unique housing development on the Andalusian coast. This housing complex is located in Alcaidesa, next to the exclusive development in Sotogrande. It has excellent road connections with very good motorways and roads, high-speed access from the airports of Gibraltar, Jerez, and Málaga.

Luxury qualities in the interior and spacious common areas, with green spaces, swimming pools, and a private security service.

Terrazas de Alcaidesa

Thoughtful architecture in a housing development which is highly exclusive due to its features and special location, next to the Guadalquitón Nature Reserve and a few minutes from the Casa Club of Alcaidesa Golf for people who love this sport.

The Mediterranean lines of the complex, made up of white-coloured blocks for maximum light, with spacious exterior terraces, form the perfect backdrop for the interiors of the properties. Fantastic qualities in each and every one of the rooms which make up each home. A unique opportunity to secure the house of your dreams.

The Links Alcaidesa

Inimitable, thanks to its location, views ahead over the sea and golf courses and its exquisite construction, qualities, and finish make The Links an ideal place to establish your new home. The Links is a housing development in an enclosed and private complex located on the very front row of the beach next to the golf courses, unique and inimitable all along the Costa del Sol. There are two- and three-bedroom properties and penthouse apartments, a spacious living room, a furnished and fully-equipped kitchen, a foyer, and spacious terraces.

The housing development has a gym, a spa, and an indoor swimming pool as well as green spaces and an outdoor swimming pool with marvellous views.

Other houses

We also have properties located along the Costa del Sol, including in Campo de Gibraltar. Both new constructions as well as second hand, our properties are in excellent condition.

In the first row for golf courses, the beach, or natural surroundings. We have a great variety of properties on offer which can meet your needs.

Living on the Costa del Sol next to the sea has never been as easy as this. Our ten years of experience in the sector vouches for us.